Join the Team


We are delighted that you are interested in joining our team! We have many positions that we are looking to add to our team! These include:

  • Article authors

  • Topic editors

  • Physician and surgeon reviewers

  • Clinical and/or graphic designers

If you are interested in joining, please email us about your position(s) of interest through our Contact Us page!

If you are still unsure if you would like to join, you may find the information below helpful in your decision-making!


Why Collaborate?

For everyone involved, this publication provides an opportunity to expand your experience with a broad range of medical conditions and treatments.

Furthermore, collaborating students have online digital access to the McMaster Medical Compendium (MMC). This can be used in a versatile set of situations, such as reviewing content on your phone between shifts on your new clerkship rotations.

Additionally, there are some further role-specific benefits:

Article Authors

For new medical students (e.g. pre-clerkship) who are beginning to navigate the medical literature, we know that it can feel quite overwhelming! As such, the MMC is designed to help your learning through its specialized writing process. Through reviewing and processing the learned information, article authorship can be as a strong learning tool for you, by providing both a framework to structure information, as well as a method to cognitively consolidate that information. With multiple levels of feedback and supervision, this initiative also provides you with an opportunity to delve deep into a wide variety of subjects with direct guidance.

Topic Editors

For more experienced medical students (e.g. clerkship) who have had time learning medical learning and perhaps even found specialties of interest, this is a great opportunity to use that experience to help others in their learning! As a topic editor, you lead a team of article authors for your topic (e.g. Infectious Diseases). You use your experience to prepare the lists of diseases and therapeutics that are essential to student learning to be included in your topic’s edition. Furthermore, you guide and mentor the authors in their learning, as they research and write the articles.